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Universal Banker Case Study:
Components of a Successful Branch Transformation Strategy with Universal Bankers

Learn how Extraco Consulting developed the components of the universal banker strategy implemented at Extraco Banks, ultimately leading to the formation of the award winning Universal Banker Model, known as SWARM BankingTM.  SWARM Banking is more than just a Universal Banker model, it is a holistic approach to the customer experience that ensures excellence beyond customer expectations.  Learn about implementation hurdles and best practices from experienced change agents in the case study. This extensive resource illustrates recommendations and best practices for components to include in a universal banker strategy, as well as the ideal steps for optimal results.  You can identify how to customize Extraco Consulting's universal banker approach for your organization and help you differentiate from the myriad of Universal Banker models in the industry. 



Case Study Topics Include:

  • An Introduction to SWARM Banking & Branch Transformation
  • Component 1: People - Recruiting, Hiring and Training
  • Component 2: Products - Simplification and Effective Marketing
  • Component 3: Processes - Mapping and Continuous Improvement Routines
  • Component 4: Technology - The Enabler and Physical Spaces


Case Study Pricing:

  • $2,499 per instituion (permission is available to share within your organization, but not exernally)


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*Available only to bank and credit unions.  Case study is not available to vendors.

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