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Solving Problems
through process improvement and refinement

Defining, deploying and improving a strong business process can be an effective strategy to save money, increase staff efficiency, eliminate waste, and create a competitive advantage. We've worked with many organizations who are looking for ways to increase their business income, but often overlook the importance of running an efficient and lean culture. In almost all cases, each of our clients, no matter the size, realized a cash-on-cash return of five to seven times the investment dollars and energy put into the project. In addition, most of the time, the savings were an annualized savings result.

"In anticipation of an acquisition, Veritex Community Bank needed to thoroughly review it's processes and procedures across the organization. Based on my previous experience at a former employer, I knew exactly who to recommend - Extraco Consulting! Once the acquisition was public, we expanded our project scope to include the acquired bank's operational departments in order to assist with combining and streamlining the merger. The acquired bank was on a different core and Extraco's experience with various core providers helped us determine the best course of action in addition to their expertise in removing waste from our processes and procedures. We truly value their insight and consider them a valued partner."

SEVP, Chief Information Officer - Veritex Bank

When was the last time you reviewed your processes from start to finish?

Our Strategy

Our Six Sigma Certified Experts support your internal departmental champions with identifying and prioritizing opportunities for process improvement. Your team will control the decisions and timeline, but will be supported by industry experts focusing on removing the waste from current processes. It's not about staff reduction, instead we support your team in identifying ways to improve your business operations in every department - all while focusing on providing a superior customer experience in all delivery channels.

Employee feedback
Employee Feedback

Administration and analysis of employee feedback via electronic survey helps define existing practices and knowledge of their role in the organization. We engage your workforce in the discovery, allowing them to help solve problems and identify easier ways to manage and contribute to the efficiencies you desire.

Onsite observations
Onsite Observations

Onsite observation of how processes and procedures are actually being performed by the employees helps uncover areas of inefficiency of working departments. To move the needle, you must first identify why people are doing things the way they are doing them.

Process Mapping
Process Mapping

Process maps, from start to finish, provide a foundation for how employees get work done. It includes color coding by department for easy distinction of workflow. It provides insight into consistency, aha improvements, work distribution, accountability, and overall staff knowledge.

The Process
Identify Opportunities
Identify Opportunities

Identification of opportunities and best practices for process and workflow improvement to gain consistencies and efficiencies. People, technology, tools, facilities, and intellectual property are all assets to your organization. However, few organizations measure the extent to which assets serve their intended purpose. Process refinement helps you identify areas of improvement to clearly balance the assets to support the desired output.

Prioritize Opportunities
Prioritize Opportunities

Facilitation of onsite workshops to support departmental champions in prioritizing recommended opportunities. Once you understand the internal process of each department you can better align them to the external customer needs. Customer value is in the eye of the beholder. Behind every unhappy customer is a broken process. Process refinement fosters a Customer Centric culture and builds more consistency throughout the organization.

Build a Plan
Build a Plan

Recommended project plan and timeline to support expedited results and tracking. When organizations operate through strong consistent processes, the cost of goods and services drives visible and sustainable improvement. Process refinement helps organizations improve its costs effectiveness by improving inputs, conversion, people and overhead.

Quantifiable Results

Most organizations can see efficiencies in less than sixty days, especially when "quick wins" are identified and strategically placed throughout the project plan to maintain momentum in sharing successes internally throughout the project.

"Extraco Consulting seeks to understand what is at the core of a client's value proposition. They do this by building a relationship with the client to understand its historical perspective, corporate values, current competitive market and strategic direction. The professionals at Extraco take a thoughtful approach that combines depth of knowledge and expertise in a collaborative way. Their observations and recommendations are fact and experiential based. As a fast-growing organization in a highly competitive and regulated environment, Extraco Consulting has been a critical engagement for us as we continue to build for the future."

EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer - Bank of North Carolina & BNC Bank