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Executive Leadership

Organizational Structure Guidance

Benefit from a recommendation on the optimal structure for your organization, supporting your vision for current objectives and future growth. Includes a unique, seasoned perspective on the desired skill sets in current employees for an ideal job match and overall productivity of the organization as a whole.

Executive Coaching

Experience customized strategic leadership guidance, recommended routines with detailed action plans, optimal committee structure and implementation support. Executive coaching is available on a retainer basis, allowing ultimate customization of guidance and support topics, with timeline flexibility.

Strategic Planning

Participate in a customized Strategic Planning Seminar to develop and refine a client selected action plan for any strategic initiative or goal. Includes electronic templates for goal determination, action steps, critical partners and timeline estimates for completion. Updating and tracking progress has never been easier.

Strategic Leadership Succession Plan Guidance

Experience a full-service analysis of current succession plans for mission-critical, leadership positions and obtain a formal recommendation based on the findings. Whether your succession planning is six months away or five years into the future, it is never too early to start building your plan.

Non-Traditional Bank Business Line Development

Development guidance to establish non-traditional lines of business utilized to diversify non-interest income sources. Available in retainer hour guidance to customize the client’s deliverables and timeline for completion.

Change Management Executive Seminar

Experience customized curriculum, facilitated by Extraco Consulting Senior Management or in a Train-the-Trainer Certification Seminar, to emphasize the important role of change management in this dynamic banking environment.  The seminar will assist executive leadership with understanding the corporate goals and work through the disruptive process of change, including best practices for attaining buy-in to the corporate initiatives company wide.


Interested in Learning More? Schedule a Site Visit to See Extraco’s Methodologies in Action

Spend a full day on-site, with up to 8 Leaders from your organization, experiencing a customized agenda to provide insight into Extraco Consulting’s methodologies that will support the client’s strategic goals and initiatives, while cutting implementation time in half. The client can gain insight into Extraco’s methodologies, experience, implementation plan and best practices regarding all services available.