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Retail Branch Transformation

In 2011, Extraco Banks was awarded a Celent Model Bank of the Year Award for Retail Branch Transformation. SWARM Banking® is our award winning, patent pending retail banking methodology that involves focusing on four critical components: people, processes, products and technology, to be competitive in today's fast changing retail banking environment. Components of SWARM Banking® are available through Extraco Consulting's Services for Retail Branch Transformation.  

Retail Lobby Customer Service and Culture Assessment & Recommendation

Experience a critical assessment providing a realistic understanding of your current culture, versus your desired culture and/or experience through staff observations, employee interviews and observing customer interactions at multiple markets, locations and departments.

Retail Frontline Process Refinement Guidance

Experience process improvement guidance through a combination of onsite and offsite employee interviews and process mapping expertise to assess the client’s current processes and the impact of continuity on the frontline employee experience.  Opportunities are identified for streamlined retail and operations routines critical to an enhanced customer experience.

SWARM Certification & Banking Pilots

Implement SWARM Banking® in either a new pilot location or through retro-fitting an existing location and/or region to utilize a true universal employee role with on-site guidance and support, training certification, marketing guidance and technology optimization assistance.

Lobby Layout Assessment & Recommendation

Review lobby layouts for multiple locations and make recommendations on layout adjustments aligned to the new leadership vision. Includes guidance on placement of internal components, such as equipment, staff, and other lobby technology to maximize efficiencies for effective lobby traffic flow and the desired customer experience.

Retail Management Routines and Best Practices

Experience in-depth management workshop(s) for all of the client’s retail management and supervisory staff to teach new management routines that will create consistency in the branch employee experience, performance measurements and customer experience.

Develop and/or Refine Sales Department

Assist in the development and/or enhancement of a retail sales department, including developing or refining an incentive plan(s), optimal employee routines, customer feedback routines, referral training, and reward and recognition programs.

Reward and Recognition Assessment & Development

Review of current reward and recognition program(s), both monetary and non-monetary, including guidance to assist in identified areas of opportunity to engage employees for optimal employee retention and talent attraction in the future.

Retail Product Review and Recommendation

Assessment of current retail product line-up, market review of top competitor product offerings, and guidance on development of profitable and competitive product offerings.

Customer Service and Referral Based Sales Training

Customized curriculum available facilitated by Extraco Consulting Trainers or in a Train-the-Trainer Certification Seminar, learning curriculum content and presentation best practices.  Available for comprehensive Customer Service Training (applicable for all experience levels) and Referral Based Sales Training, including sales model and specific tools for success.

Change Management Seminars

Universal training to illustrate the importance of extending change management practices to customers in order to increase customer loyalty and reduce customer attrition from changes occurring within the organization.  Includes routines and best practices for interacting with customers and providing education that will increase customer loyalty.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Routines

Review existing customer feedback routines and develop an action plan to enhance and expand the bank’s customer feedback routines, including monitoring expectations. Guidance available on numerous types of customer interactions.

Customer Onboarding and Retention Recommendation

Assessment of current customer retention strategy, identification of opportunities for efficient and proactive customer contact, and strategic plan recommendation to maximize customer retention potential.

Consumer Lending Process Guidance

Extraco Consulting will provide guidance and best practices during a transition to centralized underwriting and moving consumer loan interactions to Retail staff, including training solutions and best practices for customer implementation.

Marketing Outsourcing

Fully customized service ranging from full agency services to template purchases for retail/lobby specific campaigns, employee sales tools and quick reference sheets, to full corporate marketing campaigns.

Alternative Delivery Channel Development

Conduct complete assessment of current alternative delivery channels and determine strategic planning for creating and enhancing all channels to support and enhance the branch network.

CRM Assessment and Guidance

Review current CRM system and the organization's cultural adoption to determine action plan in developing a strategy to optimize the client’s usage of the system and create routines regarding the utilization of the system to its fullest capabilities.

Interested in Learning More? Schedule a Site Visit to See Extraco’s Methodologies in Action

Spend a full day on-site, with up to 8 Leaders from your organization, experiencing a customized agenda to provide insight into Extraco Consulting’s methodologies that will support the client’s strategic goals and initiatives, while cutting implementation time in half. The client can gain insight into Extraco’s methodologies, experience, implementation plan and best practices regarding all services available.