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Human Resources and Training

Retail Job Design Guidance

Review of current retail job descriptions and organizational structure, with focus on retail lobby job descriptions and task designs for all lobby employees to align with client leadership’s vision.

Retail Hiring Process Guidance

Review client’s existing retail hiring process and provide guidance on structuring the process to attract and hire employees with an optimal fit for the client’s new retail banking model.  Guidance will include the retail hiring process structure, including interview structure, with question guidance, templates and key components for success.

New Hire Onboarding

Create new hire onboarding process, which will include client’s self-administration of new hire orientation, job shadow program, checklists for turn-key implementation and optimal cultural assimilation for newly hired employees.

Retail Compensation and Incentive Plan Evaluation and Recommendation

Perform assessment of current compensation and incentive plan(s) and compare the historical results to the client’s culture and vision. Includes performing a market compensation analysis and incentive plan payout methodology assessment, identifying opportunities for improvement, and developing profitability statistics and insight on the cultural value of the plan and potential opportunities.

Retail Training Assessment & Recommendation

Conduct review of current training program and curriculum components. Perform interviews with leadership and frontline staff to make a formal recommendation to gain the greatest lift from training and promote a customer experience consistent with the client's leadership vision.

Retail Management Routines and Best Practices

Experience in-depth management workshop(s) for all of the client’s retail management and supervisory staff to teach new management routines that will create consistency in the branch employee experience, performance measurements, and customer experience.

Retail Leadership Talent Development Program Creation

Create a leadership development program to support development in frontline staff showing an interest in becoming a future leader of the company.  Receive a turn-key mentoring program, including templates, curriculum and stretch role assignments.

Retail Manager or Supervisor Mentor Program Development

Develop a mentor certification program to assist with certifying newly promoted talent to support the employee’s transition into a new management role.  The program includes curriculum, project management assignments, stretch role assignments and testing components for certification.

Universal Employee Training University Curriculum

Develop content for comprehensive Retail Training University, including curriculum templates, agendas, testing parameters, role-play scenarios and administrative guidelines regarding successful curriculum completion requirements.

Project Management Workshop

Project Management Workshop for all department leaders or personnel responsible for managing corporate projects in order to create efficient and consistent project execution, including seven curriculum modules for optimal success.

Customized Training Retainer

Customizable quarterly training sessions conducted by Extraco Consulting trainers on a retainer basis.  Curriculum becomes the intellectual property of the client for ongoing usage throughout the organization.

Customer Onboarding and Retention Recommendation

Assessment of current customer retention strategy, identification of opportunities for efficient and proactive customer contact, and strategic plan recommendation to maximize customer retention potential.

Customer Service and Referral Based Sales Training

Customized curriculum available facilitated by Extraco Consulting Trainers or in a Train-the-Trainer Certification Seminar, learning curriculum content and presentation best practices.  Available for comprehensive Customer Service Training (applicable for all experience levels) and Referral Based Sales Training, including sales model and specific tools for success.

Change Management Seminars

Customized curriculum available facilitated by Extraco Consulting Trainers or in a Train-the-Trainer Certification Seminar to emphasize the important role of change management in this dynamic retail banking environment and helping leaders and employees work through the disruptive process of change, including best practices for attaining buy-in to the corporate initiatives company wide.

Customer Education and Change Management

Universal training to illustrate the importance of extending change management practices to customers in order to increase customer loyalty and reduce customer attrition from changes occurring within the organization.  Includes routines, role play and best practices for interacting with customers and providing education that will increase customer loyalty.


The Trainer-in-a-Box solutions provide turn-key workshops for front line bank personnel. Each Trainer-in-a-Box series is designed from the banking perspective, integrating more than 130 years of banking, innovation, and training experience.

Each program contains: trainer manual with scripted teaching guide, interactive participant workbook, training session PowerPoint, list of recommended supplies, CD-ROM with all session materials, ice breaker games to reinforce course content and role play exercises to practice the skills being taught.

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