Bravehearts to Debut Rally Jerseys

Rally Jersey

Worcester, MA -The Worcester Bravehearts have announced today that they will become the first team in baseball history to change uniforms in the middle of the game based on the score. In a partnership with Mezcal Tequila Cantina, the Bravehearts will debut a Rally Jersey at home games for their 2022 season that the entire team will change into if losing after the 7th inning. 


The jersey, which will be known as the “ Mezcal Tequila Rally Jacket Jersey” is inspired by two Worcester Bravehearts staples; the tacky jacket which is often donned by General Manager Dave Peterson during his rally dances, and their infamous “Tequila Rally” where the team repeatedly plays the song “Tequila” by The Champs over the loud speakers for the entire inning and encourages fans to freeze when the music is stopped between pitches. The on-going distraction caused by fans, has historically created one of the best home field advantages in the entire country. 


While General Manager Dave Peterson debuted his jackets back in the days of the Worcester Tornadoes, the Tequila Rally started in 2019 and quickly caught on as a Bravehearts fan favorite. On Friday, July 26 2019 in front of 5,500 fans, the Bravehearts found themselves trailing 17-10 to the Nashua Silver Knights. This was when the Tequila Rally debuted, and Bravehearts staff members began dancing in the stands while encouraging fans to do the same as the song played over the speakers. The Bravehearts ended up scoring six runs in the inning that featured four Silver Knights errors. Since then, the team has historically used this tactic to energize the fans when the team is behind. 


“I was broadcasting the game in 2019, and I had never seen anything like it,” said Bravehearts Director of Fan Experience & Media Donny Porcaro. “Seeing the entire stadium get into the rally is what makes it so fun. Now that we have the players also involved in the act, we can really go crazy. We want people to see things at our games they can’t see anywhere else in the baseball world.” 


The Bravehearts jerseys will be a way to signify the rally inning has officially started and to get fans ready to participate in the action.


The rally inning proved successful in 2021, as the team came back from 8-3 and 5-1 deficits during the rally inning, both featuring multiple errors by opposing teams. In the final game of the season, the team broke it out a final time against the Silver Knights on the last home game of the season, and again scored 5 runs in the inning, going on to win the game and clinch a playoff berth.  


“ We want to create the greatest home-field advantage in the Northeast,” said Bravehearts General Manager Dave Peterson. “I honestly can’t wait to see the faces in the stands when they see this.”


This will not be the first promotion the Bravehearts have unveiled for 2022 that has never before been seen in baseball. On June 7 and 8 the Bravehearts will host their “You-Choose-The-Rules” games where the team is allowing their fans to actually choose rules that will be implemented throughout the game. 


Fans will have their first opportunity to possibly see the rally jerseys in action on the team’s opening night on Friday, May 27. However, the Bravehearts hope they will be winning after 7 innings and will not have a need for the rally jerseys. First pitch will be at 6:30 pm with opening ceremonies starting a little after 6 pm.