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Learn To Skate

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About The Program

✳︎ Group lessons for all ages & abilities
✳︎ Instruction by York Ice Arena skating staff
✳︎ Free figure or hockey skate rental
✳︎ 3 free skating passes
✳︎ Skills assessment with certificate/ribbon


✳︎ 6 and under must wear helmet
✳︎ Loose-fitting clothes, gloves/mittens and
one pair of socks
✳︎ Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early

Skating Levels determined by York Ice Arena staff.

Snow Plow Sam 1-3
Ages 3-5. Students will learn to feel comfortable on the ice, stand and fall properly, snowplow stop.

Basic Skills 1-2
Any students older than 5 will learn the same skills as Snowplow 1-3.

Basic Skills 3-6
All Ages. After completing Snowplow or Basic 1-2 levels. Correct use of Blade, forward/backward stroking
and crossovers, T-stops, bunny hops, 3-turn and lunges.

Pre-Free - Free Skate
Learning figure skating skills such as jumps, spins and footwork.

Hockey 1-4
Students will learn proper hockey stance, t-push, forward/backward gliding, C-cuts,
forward/backward crossovers and hockey stops.

Power Skating
Excelling in skills learned in hockey 1-4. Learning powerful crossovers, stops and strides
and learning fast stops and starts.

LTS Summer Camp

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