Worcester Tornadoes Return

On Saturday June 11th, the Worcester Bravehearts will take the field as the Worcester Tornadoes for one night only.

The team will where throwback Worcester Tornadoes jerseys which will then be auctioned off to support the 365z Foundation. The link to bid on these jerseys can be found here. Tickets to the game can be purchased here.

The Bravehearts will turn back the clocks and pay homage to the days of the Worcester Tornadoes with their throwback jerseys, in-between inning promotions, and PA reads which will be read by former Tornadoes Public Address announcer Matt Majikas. There will also be live music played at the front gate by former Bravehearts Front Office member Nate Ramos.

First pitch for the game is at 6:30 pm, with pre-game ceremonies starting at 6:15 pm. 

For questions, please email [email protected] or call the Bravehearts office at 508-438-3773.