You-Choose-The-Rules Announced

Worcester, MA - The Worcester Bravehearts have officially announced the rules for their two You-Choose-The-Rules games against the Nashua Silver Knights on June 7th and the Norwich Sea Unicorns on June 8th. Both games will have two hour time limits and will end in a home run derby.


The two games will start at 10:30 am as a part of the Bravehearts Baseball in Education Days. The team will welcome over 2,500 students of schools around the Central Mass area to each game.


The teams will play by a new rule every inning of both of these games that was chosen by a student in the community. Below are the rules the teams will play by for the two games with the numbers signifying what inning the rules will be used in. 




Tuesday, June 7th vs Nashua Silver Knights:


1. If a batter strikes out, they must cluck and dance like a chicken on their way back to the dugout

2. Players must dance if they get on base safely

3. If a fan catches a foul ball, it is an out

4. A fan will come and play as a fourth outfielder for the inning

5. If a batter strikes out, they get pied in the face

6. The batter and pitcher must face on in a math challenge to start the inning. The loser must wear a funny costume for the entire inning

7. The team manager must eat a hot dog every time his team allows a run


Entire game: Fielders must slap high five with opposing players who get a hit and reach base safely to promote sportsmanship.





Wednesday, June 8th vs Norwich Sea Unicorns (Exhibition)


1. Players must pitch and bat with their non-dominant hand

2. Any ball hit on the outfield grass is an automatic double

3. Every batter starts with a 3-2 count

4. Any batted ball is fair, out of stadium results in ground-rule double. Fans can field balls and throw them back into the field

5. One inning of Kickball

6. Rock-Paper-Scissors after every play. If batter wins, they advance a base. If fielder wins, batter is out

7. Any fly ball must be caught with your hat


Post game: Losing manager gets dumped with ice water