Worcester, MA - The Worcester Bravehearts will become the first team in the country to host a game in which the fans choose the rules. This seven-inning game will take place on June 7 against the Nashua Silver Knights. During every inning of this game, a new rule created by a fan will be implemented into the rule book and enforced by the umpires for that inning. One chosen rule will last the entirety of the game, for a total of eight new rules to be in effect throughout the game. 
The You-Choose-The-Rules game will take place during the Bravehearts Baseball in Education Day where the team welcomes students from across Massachusetts for an educational field trip at the ballpark. We invite participating schools to have any student submit a rule that could be featured during the game. The schools and classrooms whose rules are chosen to be used during the game will have that rule named after them in the rule book. Each student whose rule is chosen will have the opportunity to watch an inning from the dugout to see the rule live in-action. 
“The You-Choose-The-Rules Bravehearts game on June 7th will be the most interactive sporting event anyone in Massachusetts has ever seen,” said Bravehearts General Manager Dave Peterson. “We are giving fans control of the rulebook, and making the sport of baseball more appealing to a younger generation of fans.”
As a final twist to this game, the team has announced the game will end in a home run derby regardless of the score. After seven innings, the team that is trailing will have to make up the deficit by out-homering the leading team. The Bravehearts will open up submissions for the new rules starting today, and will run all the way until opening day on May 26. Participants may submit ideas at www.TwentyTwentyYou.Live.
“We want fans to get as crazy and creative as possible,” said Bravehearts Director of Fan Experience & Media Donny Porcaro. “No rule is off limits. The more creative the rule is, the better chance it will get selected. We want the fans to see things they won’t be able to see anywhere else.”
The Bravehearts You-Choose-The-Rules game is scheduled for 10:30 am on Tuesday June 7 against the Nashua Silver Knights. Next month, the Bravehearts will release their next fan-focused promotion by releasing their fan-created jersey contest. For more information, email Director of Fan Experience & Media Donny Porcaro at [email protected] or call the Bravehearts office at 508-438-3773.