Bravehearts Unveil Twenty-Twenty-You

Worcester, MA - The Worcester Bravehearts have officially unveiled their plans for the 2022 season, which they promise will be more fan-focused than ever before. In their Twenty-Twenty-You campaign, the team will release promotions every home game that will get the fans fully involved in the action and the decision-making leading up to the Bravehearts’ games. 
For the duration of the 2022 season, the fans will be able to choose the Bravehearts’ promotions, jerseys, celebrations, and even the rules of a game. Fans will have the opportunity to vote on these decisions on the Bravehearts website and social media pages, while other decisions will be made on the spot during games by a crowd vote. 
“Twenty-Twenty-You will allow fans to fully take-over Fitton Field this season and gives everyone an opportunity to have a voice and participate in this organization,” said Bravehearts Director of Fan Experience Donny Porcaro. “It’s going to be crazy.”
The upcoming season, the team’s ninth, will challenge everything people have come to expect when they go to a sporting event. The Bravehearts have improved their All-You-Can-Eat experience and will be the first team in the country to host a game in which students from across Central Massachusetts can contribute on-field rules. 
“Twenty-Twenty-You is not just a catchy slogan, it is the definition of how the Bravehearts will operate for the 2022 season,” said Bravehearts General Manager Dave Peterson. “After two summers of pandemic baseball that prevented us from seeing a majority of our great fans, Twenty-Twenty-You will be the unofficial homecoming to Fitton Field. The entertainment will be unlike anything anyone has seen before.” 
Click here to check out the Twenty-Twenty-You official video
The Worcester Bravehearts will open up their season on May 27 against the Nashua Silver Knights. Season tickets, group plans and flex packs are now available on the Bravehearts website at www.WorcesterBravehearts.com. Stay tuned on the Bravehearts website and on all social media platforms for information on Twenty-Twenty-You.