Bemis Named Merchandising Director

Worcester, MA - The Worcester Bravehearts announced today they have hired Carter Bemis to a full-time role as Director of Merchandising. Bemis was a familiar face at the ballpark in 2021, taking over as the team store manager during Bravehearts game days. In an effort to expand the team merchandise line, the Bravehearts have brought in Bemis in a full-time role to help grow the Bravehearts brand. 
In 2013, Bemis entered the in-stadium sales industry, selling souvenir programs at Gillette Stadium. Eventually, Bemis was able to manage and run his own stand, becoming one of the top independent sellers in the sports merchandising industry. Over the next seven years, Bemis would be flown out to work Super Bowls, World Series, Final Fours and other high-profile events around the country to set up pop-up shops and sell merchandise of the participating teams. 
Along with his high-profile retail experience, Bemis also locally runs his family farm and nursery in Spencer, MA. Working Fall events at his farm has given Bemis an opportunity to connect with Bravehearts fans who went to the farm looking for a similar family-fun experience that they encounter at Fitton Field.
“Working with Carter in both retailing and in family events at Bemis Farm, I have seen his potential as both a salesperson as well as an important member of the Bravehearts community,” said Peterson. “His passion for the Bravehearts combined with his welcoming personality makes him the ideal employee to handle our merchandising.” 
While Bemis has worked all over the country at numerous events, he says he chose the Bravehearts because he enjoys the community experience and wants to build on the family atmosphere. 
“Transitioning from a fan in the stands at a Bravehearts game, to now running the merchandise department has been a dream come true,” said Bemis. “Fans can expect an exciting new team store dynamic in the ballpark with improved new gear paired with more visibility in the community. We want to make everyone in the community feel like they are part of the Bravehearts, because they are.”
Bemis will get started in the community right away, launching a Bravehearts pop-up team store at the Auburn Mall just in time for the Holidays. The team store will be open 12-9pm daily for the entire month of December. Team apparel, tickets and popular ballpark novelty items will be available for purchase. 
For more information, email [email protected] or call the Bravehearts office at 508-438-3773.