COVID-19 Readiness Plan

The Worcester Bravehearts and the Futures Collegiate Baseball League look forward to starting their 2020 season on July 2 in a responsible and safe manner. Set forth below is the Bravehearts organization’s tailored plan to host players and guests – wherever the team may play -  for the season which is anticipated to run from July 2 through August 23. The Bravehearts anticipate hosting 19 regular season home games and travel to other FCBL teams for approximately 20 road games.

This plan has been and will continue to be informed by policies and regulations from local, state, and national agencies; guidance and input from medical and public health professionals; directives from the Futures League; as well as industry best practice.

While risks of operating are addressed in the plan below, the advantages presented by the Bravehearts’ 2020 season include:

  • Being an outdoor venue
  • Having spacious dimensions allowing for ample social distancing between guests
  • Involving small enough groups of people, such as families, to be effectively managed
  • Attendees being in place for a limited duration, roughly equivalent to an outdoor dining experience
  • Food and beverages provided by a professional catering company prepared and presented safely in similar ways to how restaurants have been presenting take-out food to patrons since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Baseball is a low- or no-contact sport allowing for participants to be distanced responsibly
  • Providing an opportunity for the Bravehearts student-athletes, including several local players, to play baseball this summer after their respective college and university spring seasons were canceled
  • Providing a safe and clean outdoor outlet for families and individual fans to be outside of their homes this summer to enjoy fresh air, socially-distanced company, a hot dog, a cold beverage, and the national pastime.

If you plan on traveling to a Bravehearts game this summer, please read the full 2020 Bravehearts COVID Readiness Plan that can be downloaded here (1.7 MB download). This is an easy-to-read 20-page document built as a PowerPoint presentation. If you have further questions or concerns, please call Dave Peterson, General Manager, at 508-438-3773.