Bravehearts Fill Out All-Star Roster 

Bravehearts Fill Out All-Star Roster 
Dellicarri leads Worcester-packed All-star Team to victory 
Nashua, NH- Eleven  Bravehearts were chosen to represent Worcester in the 2018 Futures Collegiate Baseball League All-Star game and Home Run Derby played at Hollman Stadium in Nashua, NH on Wednesday. “Nashua” and “Dodgers” were the names given to the teams in honor of the 80th anniversary celebration of Holman Stadium in which the Nashua Dodgers debuted. 
Before the All-Star game, two Bravehearts participated in the home run derby. Both Dakota McFadden and Michael Dellicarri tied with six home runs in the first round, which advanced them both to the final to take on Jake Lebel of the Nashua Silver Knights. In the second round, both McFadden, who had two in the second round, and Dellicarri, who had five in the second round, were beaten out by Lebel who hit six home runs to win.
Five Bravehearts players got the starting nod, including a lead-off trio of Edward Haus, Chris Rinaldi and Michael Dellicarri for the Dodgers.. Brett Coffel and Mack Cheli also were in the all-star starting lineup. 
The Bravehearts started to make an impact in the bottom of the fifth. Haus started off the inning with a walk, which was followed by a Rinaldi single which advanced Haus. Dellicarri then continued the inning with an RBI single that scored Haus. Silver Knights DH Lebel then hit a sacrifice fly to score Rinaldi to increase the Dodger lead to 5-2.
Dellicarri continued his success with an RBI ground-out in his next at-bat for his second RBI of the game. As for Worcester pitching, Kendall Pomeroy, Dakota McFadden, Henry Ennen, Makenzie Stills came in for team Nashua while Tyler Patane came in to pitch for the Dodgers. 
The Dodgers, which featured six Bravehearts all-stars, earned a 6-2 victory over Team Nashua. 
The Bravehearts will return home tomorrow to play the Brockton Rox. First pitch will be at 6:35 tomorrow at Hanover Insurance Park.