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Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs and The Interstate Collegiate Baseball League (ICBL)

The ICBL has 4 regions - Rochester, Syracuse, Amsterdam/Albany and Hudson Valley.  Each region has 3 teams to make up the 12 team college baseball league.  90% of the players that play in the league have just completed their freshman or sophomore year of college.  As part of the Sports Zone development program we decided to place our Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs 18u team as a complete team within the Syracuse Region of this league.   Over the past 15 years, every player that plays on our "Chiefs" team is a college committed player.   They are also a Sports Zone player that has played in our program for years. Prior to 2016, our goal for the summer after they graduate High School was to find quality, high level tournaments for the Chiefs to play.  Our mission was to better prepare them for the fall of their freshman year of college.  College league are generally not available for graduating HS seniors.   With the formation of the ICBL, we have provided an incredible opportunity for Sports Zone graduating seniors to compete in a full summer collegiate schedule.  They play against proven college players from all over NYS.  We first entered this league in 2016 (Then called the Thruway College League) and did very well.  More importantly, each player by the time they went off to college that September, had already played 30+ games against college level players.  The intimidation factor and initial nervousness of day 1 college baseball basically had disappeared.  Our SZ players were ready to play and compete by the time the stepped on their college baseball field.  In the past there was no way to provide this opportunity.  Thanks to the ICBL formation, our Sports Zone players have a continued opportunity to grow and develop as a player.   

How does a graduating HS player get to play on our Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs team within the ICBL?

  • Has to have played for Sports Zone.  If players played for other travel programs they would not be allowed to play on this team within the college league.  This is another huge benefit in playing for our SZ Travel Baseball Club.
  • Must be committed to a College or University to play in that institutions baseball program

Syracuse ICBL Region:

  • Team 1:  Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs
  • Team 2:  CNY Snow Dogs
  • Team 3:  Rome Indians

For more information on the ICBL visit the website at

For more information on becoming a player within the Syracuse ICBL Region of the league,  please fill the the player perspective form on the home page of Sports Zone's website at