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Hiring Universal Bankers - A Change in Mindset

In order to maximize the results of a universal banker model, traditional recruiting and hiring practices may not work. Mastering the people component through the recruiting and hiring process has the greatest impact and benefits to the bank and customer experience in the universal banker methodology. Learn more about Extraco's methodology for changing a traditional community bank hiring mindset to support the Universal Banker Model.


Is Your Human Capital ≥ Your Bank Capital?

Highly capitalized banks reduce their business risk.  It may be time to make a balanced investment in your human capital, just as you would to your working capital.  Community banks need to do more with less…which means an investment in human capital is vital to survival and success in today’s banking model. In order to be successful at increasing the value of a bank’s human capital, it takes a unified, robust approach to hiring a new type of employee, enhancing recruiting practices, building career paths for employees and creating engagement monitors to track the bank’s progress.