Membership in the U.S. All Star Federation("USASF") is a privilege granted by USASF. That privilege can be withdrawn by USASF at anytime when a member's conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the best interests of All Star and the athletes we serve.

Based on the notifications and general disclosures presented to members in the USASF Professional Responsibility Code("PRC"), USASF has the right to deny, suspend or revoke membership for:

  1. Any person under criminal investigation.
  2. Any person charged with a crime that is not consistent with the rules, policies or standards of  USASF.
  3. Any conduct inconsistent with USASF  PRC, rules, policies or standards.
  4. When actions of misconduct are reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee and determined not to serve the best interests of All Star or USASF.  

USASF has reserved the right to publish a list of individuals whose memberships have  been suspended or revoked related to Athlete Protection.

The lists below are actions taken by the U.S. All Star Federation based on reports or notifications the organization received directly.  We recommend persons researching specific individuals to also cross check other published lists of Ineligible or Suspended Memberships posted by other governing bodies or  youth serving organizations. Additionally, the U.S. Center for SafeSport has a searchable centralized disciplinary database. A thorough check of all available resources, in addition to proper screening by the club can help identify candidates who may not be suitable to work with youth.

The following is a list of U.S. All Star Federation Members who are currently under suspension and ineligible to participate at USASF Sanctioned Events as an athlete, coach or owner. These suspensions have been imposed by the U.S. All Star Federation. This list of individuals does not include persons who are Permanently Ineligible for Membership.

The Suspended List includes the names of individuals currently suspended and currently ineligible. It is not intended to be a historical record of members who may have been suspended previously.

The following members are SUSPENDED PENDING APPEAL for membership in U.S. All Star Federation:

Name State Status
Caballero, Blossom HI Ineligible Pending Appeal
Hinton, Christopher NC Ineligible Pending Appeal
Machado, Royce HI Ineligible Pending Appeal

The following former members are PERMANENTLY INELIGIBLE for membership in U.S. All Star Federation:

Name State (Last Known)
Agnew, Scottie TX
Anestis, Christian KY
Boggs, James R KY
Despain, Rick VA
Dunlap, Kale TX
Fowler, Chase TX
Jones, Benjamin VA
Lewis Jr., Leonard WA
McCuien, Brandon AR
Mendoza, Jeff WA
Rucker, Curtis NC
Smith, Jeremiah FL
Valenty, Victor FL