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The Regional Advisory Board supports the initiatives of the National Advisory Board and will regionally convey new ideas to the National Advisory Board for consideration.

Who is eligible to serve:
All USASF Member Eligible Owners and Coaches

Members apply annually for up to 25 owner/coach representatives per region in addition to regionally based Event Producers and Affiliate Company Members or their regional representatives.

One year. (May be renewed annually based on interest and active participation)

Attendance at VIRTUAL Regional Advisory Board meetings held online via Zoom (video conference). Meeting dates and times TBD [will be scheduled between June 1-20]. Candidates must be available for virtual meetings during regular business hours, Monday - Friday.

Specific Regional Advisory Board Directives:

  • Represent the best interest of All Star programs in each region
  • Work collectively and discuss current issues effecting the All Star community
  • Explore solutions that would be widely accepted and in the best interest of their region, and the All Star community as a whole
  • Prepare proposals to be taken to the National Advisory Board (NAB)
  • Promote and implement the initiatives of the NAB

Appointment/Election Process:

  • Interested candidates apply on-line
  • Consideration will be given to program size, geographic location, competitive level and overall experience to ensure a balanced representation in each region from all types of programs and levels of experience
  • In the event that there are more candidates than seats available for a particular demographic category, a regional election will occur

Owner | Coach Elected Representatives
Terms expire in May 2021

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Northeast Region

Emily Baughman

Jennifer Burchinal

Jabar Cancer

Ajeenah Chavez

Kristi Clifford

Lisa Davis

Erin Dempsey

Erica Flanigan

Ashley Frato

Jessica Graham

Alyssa Hedio

Christopher Huck

Lisa Kretschman

Phillip Logan

Deanna Mezza

Gina Mcdougle

Meredith Morrell

Nadia Mullen

Nathan Nitczynski

Eunique Priest

Chelsea Puleo

Marta Richardson

Jessica Wright



Midwest Region

Bethe Beaver

Leticia Brown

Holly Brummett

Jill Craven

Joe Dunn

Deanna (Didi) Jakubowski

Stacey Johnson

Jen Kloskey

Traci Loecker

Larry Mccoppin

Ashley Miller

Joshua Newberry

Mary Pat Norgaard

Julie Petersen

Elizabeth Powers

Melissa (Missy) Ragon

Jaclyn Reed

Tami Rolens

Taylor Schultz

Julie Thieneman

Dawn Thompson

Angela Trombley-Goralski

Alexis Trost

Melanie Vitale

Lisa Yerse



Southeast Region

Katie Arbo

Cindy Barker

Daney Soto Barreto

Erica Black

Levon Burton

Drew Connolly

Shea Crawford

Konshinea Edwards

Dida Finch

Makayla Glover

Cory Hines

Penny Howell

Brett Lothridge

Tara Mansfield

Lisa Martin

Anthony Noe

Ben Park

Nina Pozo

Jonathan Stone

Victoria Suess

Sean Timmons

Shannon Tucker

Ernie Valdes

Richard Watkins

Harold Williams



Southwest Region

Norma Arriaga

Connie Brookshier

Ryan Chance

Erin Dolan

Vickie Elliott

Dida Finch

Kylie Ford

Shaft Gaines

Jeri Kay Hammonds

Chelsea Horn

Cameron Jones

Wendy Malone

Lauren Mccalla

Casi McDrummond

Raguel McFarlane

Joseph McGibboney

Shay Mueller

Glen Phibbs

Christina Ramirez

Dario Resta

Rebecca Rios

Desmond Roberts

Natalie St. Laurent

Devon Sells

Manny Smothermon

Dawn Michelle Telford

David Tu

Ryan Zeller



West Region

Debra Bradford

Adam Champion

Julie Claiborne

Paal Fuglevaag

Alexis Hernandez

Michelle Herres

Kristin Jones

Brook Lowe

Sonja Luevano

Alyssa Mendoza

Beth Mundell

Haven Parish

Brent Steele

Tiffany Hayes Wood

Christopher York