All Star Club
For U.S. based companies or organizations from which one or more team attends USASF Sanctioned events. All Star Clubs will have at least one owner/coach and 4 or more athletes associated to their Club profile. Annual membership fee is $150.

Why Join

  • Ensure that athletes and coaches are training in gyms/studios and attending events that comply with the sport's best safety practices
  • Instantly join the nation's largest network of All Star Club owners, coaches, event producers and the companies that serve them
  • Contribute to the safety, integrity and growth of All Star through committees, polls, online forum (The Connection), attendance at the National Convention and participation in Regional Assemblies.


  • Eligible to compete at any USASF Sanctioned Event
  • Access to Discounted Insurance
  • Peer2Peer Mentoring for Club Owners
  • Earn a bid to compete at The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds
  • Access to online information and helpful tools through the USASF Member Website
  • Club owner will receive all Member Coach Benefits

Fees, Membership Term & Activation of Benefits

  • Annual Membership fee is $150 per membership term for the main location
  • Annual Membership fee for each additional location is $100
  • Membership is valid for one competitive season
  • Membership term begins June 1 - May 31
  • Membership is activated once the membership fee has been paid to the USASF
  • Membership can be paid anytime during the membership term, however, membership fees are never prorated for delayed or late-season registration
  • Eligibility and the associated membership benefits begin once the membership is activated
  • Eligibility and access to benefits are not retroactive
  • Membership Fees, once paid to the USASF, are NON-refundable and NON-transferable

Terms and Conditions of Membership
The U.S. All Star Federation expects member Clubs will operate in a manner that positively represents the sport and commits to Athlete Safety as a priority. Therefore, we have standards and requirements that must be met. These are outlined in our terms and conditions of membership. Prior to submitting payment for membership fees, prospective members are asked review then  accept the Terms and Conditions of Membership.

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