Member Business Development - Services and Stages

3rd Level ConsultingAs part of the US All Star Federation's (USASF) commitment to further enhancing services provided to the USASF members, 3rd Level Consulting has developed a comphensive business development platform that will be great benefit no matter what phase of development your club is in.

3rd Level Consulting can help your cheerleading organization increase its profitability and efficiency. It will help you fine-tune your business systems, expand your business, and get your leadership team on the same "business page."

All USASF member clubs possess access to a multitude of business resources and other professional services that many countries (USA/Canada/Australia) are currently utilizing. All USASF member clubs are entitled to the Bronze level membership; however, upgraded memberships are available through 3rd Level Consulting upon request. Visit 3rd Level Consulting for more details.

3rd Level Consulting's integrated services include online management and leadership courses, monthly business education articles and access to the Success Solutions Dashboard. We have made available to you 3rd Level's monthly webinars along with their new eBook.

USASF member clubs can access additional share files including insights on services and tools to help your business by logging into your USASF Profile and selecting Member Resources.

eBook: Building Your Business Potential

2016 3rd Level Consulting’s Monthly Webinars
May/June   Hot Marketing Tips - Sport & Arts
March/April   Industry Standards in Risk Management
February   FacilitySmart for Child Activity Centers
January   TechSmart Overview
2015 3rd Level Consulting’s Monthly Webinars
December   PeopleSmart Overview
November   MarketSmart for Child Activity Centers
October   Success Steps
September   Increasing Profits: Formulas and Tactics, Part 2
August   Increasing Profits: Formulas and Tactics, Part 1
July   2015 State of the Child Activity Centers White Paper
May   Personal Organization and Effectiveness
April   Business Demographics Intelligence
March   Build your Business House with the Right Tools and Technologies
Jan/Feb   Customer Acquisition and Retention
2014 3rd Level Consulting’s Monthly Webinars
December   Constant Innovation
November   The Art of Sales for Children’s Activity Centers
October   Social Communication Marketing for Children’s Activity Centers
September   The Triangles of Success – Business Success Triads
August   Business Grades Infographics
July   FinanceSmart Keys to Profit for Children’s Activity Centers
June   TechSmart Resources – The EDGE
May   Children’s Activity Center Programming and Trends
April   Profit Models for Children's Activity Centers
March   The Importance and Power of CHANGE
February   World Class Professional Staff Development
January   Hiring - Orientation - Dismissals