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The USASF offers two tiers of Career Membership for All Star coaches and other professionals. When you join USASF as a Career Member, you're demonstrating your personal commitment to excellence, continued education and professionalism as you pursue your work in All Star.

General Membership designates member involvement in All Star as a career, either part- or full-time, and qualifies members to participate in USASF meetings, coach credentialing and other cheer and dance training programs.

Professional Membership acknowledges status of General Member in good standing, qualifies the member to participate on boards and committees and grants associated voting privileges. Professional Membership also designates that the member has passed a Background Check, giving parents in the All Star community assurance that they are enrolling their child in a program that is run and coached by individuals that meet the standards set forth by the National Council of Youth Sports. Similarly, All Star owners and coaches can be confident that the people they choose to bring in contact with their All Star athletes and dancers meet those standards.