Do all athletes have to have a USASF membership? (exceptional athletes, exhibition teams, parent teams, rec teams, etc.)
Yes. The requirement is that any athlete that takes the floor at USASF Sanctioned Event must be a USASF Athlete Member. This includes exhibition teams, and parent teams. Athletes that compete/perform in the Special Needs division are registered by the All Star Program Owner within their program profile the same as all other athletes, but their membership fee is WAIVED when the athlete type is selected.
The USASF does not govern recreational teams nor does the USASF offer any recreational divisions.
Exhibition or Show teams are allowed to compete or exhibition at USASF Sanctioned Events but they are required to adhere to the Age Grid and Rules and must be members listed on the official USASF roster.

My athlete was a member of the USASF last year so I know she has an account, but my username and password don't work. What do I do?
The username is the email address that was in your athletes profile. Please visit and click "let's reset the password" You will be prompted to enter your email address to receive a password reset email to access your account. If your email address is not recognized but you are sure you had an account last year please do not create a new account. Please email your athlete's full name and DOB to [email protected] so that we can assist with looking up your account.

How do I set up a new athlete account?
If your athlete has never been a member of the USASF before or was not an active member last year you will need to create a new athlete account. Please visit and on the right hand side under new user start by entering your email address which will become your username. The system will walk you through the process of setting up the account. Please be sure to associate your athlete to their program by clicking on "dashboard" under the my profile tab and clicking the "find" link next to program. You are able to search for your athlete's program by name and request to add. If you have multiple athlete's that need new accounts please choose the "I am a parent option" when setting up the account so that you are able to add siblings under the same profile.

How much does an athlete membership cost?
Athlete Membership is $30 annually.

How do I pay the membership fee?
If you are renewing an account you will click "my account" under the my profile tab and then the renew membership box at the top left of the screen. If it is a brand new account you will be directed straight to the payment page.

How often do I have to renew my athlete membership?
The membership period is June 1st - May 31st .
Regardless of when you join or renew the fee is $30 and there are no refunds or prorated fees offered.

How do I add my other child to my existing child's account so I only have 1 login?
Parents are able to have multiple athletes under 1 email.

  • Log into your profile.
  • Click on "My Profile" in the top left. Select "My Account" from the dropdown box.
  • You will need to convert their athlete profile to a parent profile by clicking "Convert to parent account" (If your account is already set up as a parent account - you can skip this step)
  • Once your profile is a parent account, there will be an "Add Athlete" button on the dashboard.
  • Click this button and add all the information for your athlete.

*Note: If you get a cell phone error - add a cell phone number for your first athlete.

How do I get an athlete membership card?
The USASF does not offer athlete ID cards. Worlds athletes will be required to have a state issued ID for The World Championships. Acceptable forms of ID for World's are a drivers license, Passport, Military ID, or State issued ID card.

Does my athlete need to show ID at competitions?
No. Athlete ID is only required at the World Championships.

Can you take my membership payment over the phone?
No, we only process membership payments electronically.

Can I pay for both of my children's memberships at the same time or do I have to do them individually?
If your athletes are set up under a parent account you can make payment for multiple athletes at the same time. If your athletes have separate accounts each account must be renewed individually.

My child is no longer participating in an all star program and has not completed yet. Can I get a refund?
No refunds are offered

Oops! I was double charged. How do I get a refund?
Contact [email protected]. You will need to forward the receipts you received to verify the double charge. Also please provide the athletes first and last name.

Why is my coach saying that my child's membership is not paid even though I recently paid?
It is possible that you accidentally created a duplicate account and that the payment was not associated to the athlete account attached to the program. Please email [email protected] with your athlete's name as well as a copy of your payment receipt that you received via email.

I created and paid for a new membership for my athlete when I should have just renewed the existing one. Can you transfer the payment to the old account and delete the new one?
Yes. Please contact [email protected].

Our current gym created and paid every athlete's membership. Now we want to change gyms. Do I have to create and pay for a whole new membership?
No. Your athlete account follows your athlete not their program. Please do not create a new profile. Login to your athlete's profile and drop the old organization and request to add to your new organization. If you are unsure of the email username used for your athlete's account please send your child's full name and DOB to [email protected] and we can assist with providing your login information.

I know my coach/gym charged me for my child's USASF membership but it's still not paid. What should I do?
Please discuss this issue directly with your gym owner.

I dance for one gym and cheer for another gym. Do I need two memberships?
No. You will need to have your profile reflect that you Cheer and Dance by checking the correct boxes. You will also need to be associated with both programs. Please contact [email protected] or your Regional Director to get the athlete associated to multiple programs. This must be done by administration.

I'm an adult athlete and a coach for my open division team. Do I need both an athlete membership and a coach membership?
Yes, Coaches will need to have an athlete profile as well as a coach profile. They will need to use a different email address to create the 2nd account and must pay two separate membership fees.

How do I upload my child's birth certificate to their profile?
Please login to the athlete account and click the upload birth certificate link in their profile. Scroll down and click the select file box to upload the birth certificate and click save.

I am having trouble uploading the birth certificate. Am I doing something wrong?
Likely you are trying to attach a very large file. Please try to make the file smaller and try to upload again. If you continue to have trouble please contact [email protected]

I had a birth certificate declined and I don't know why. It will not allow me to upload again. What do I do?
Please send an email to [email protected] so that we may assist you.

My athlete's birth certificate has said pending confirmation for a very long time. What do I need to do to get it confirmed?
So long as your athlete has a birth certificate uploaded you are in compliance. We have a team that works to manually verify each individual birth certificate which can take time. Pending birth certificates are perfectly fine and does not prevent your athlete from being able to be placed rosters or compete. Should you ever have an age challenge a member of our team would be able to look up the athlete's birth certificate in the system and provide age verification. We appreciate your patience during this process.

May I mail/email my athlete's birth certificate to you?
No, we only accept the digital upload. If you are having difficulty with the upload, check the files size, If you continue to have difficulty contact [email protected]

I accidentally uploaded one child's birth certificate to my other child's profile. How can this be corrected?
Please notify [email protected]

I don't have an official copy of my child's birth certificate. Will you accept anything else as proof of my child's birth date?
Yes, we accept passport, State Issued ID, Military ID, and Driver's License if applicable.

Why does my child's birth date show 1969 when she is only 8?
This was the default birth year in the old system. If you see this birth year for your athlete or any incorrect DOB please upload your athlete's birth certificate if you have not done so already and contact [email protected] so we can edit the DOB for you.

My child's birth date is listed wrong in her profile. How do I get this corrected?
Please upload your athlete's birth certificate if you have not done so already and contact [email protected] so we can edit the DOB for you.

How do I correct the spelling of my athlete's name?
You are able to login to the profile and edit the preferred name only. If the last name or legal name are in need of a change please contact [email protected]

How do I update the home address or phone number in my athlete's membership profile?
When logged in to the athlete account please click "my account" under the my profile tab. From there click the grey edit button at the top left of the screen and you are able to edit address and phone #. DOB and name changes must be completed by administration. Please email [email protected] for any edits other than address or phone #.

I have forgotten my username and/or password. What should I do?
Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password please go to and click on the "let's reset the password'" link. You will be directed to enter your email address and a password reset email will be sent to you. If you can not remember your email username please contact [email protected]

I just set up a profile for my athlete but now I cannot login. How do I gain access?
Enter the email address username and password at If you do not remember the password click the "let's reset the password" link. If you forget the email address used for the account or experience other problems please contact [email protected]

I have requested that a password reset be sent to me but I have not received the email. I've even checked in my spam folder. What do I do now?
Please add [email protected] to your address book (contact list) and then click on the Forgot Password link again. If you continue to have issues please contact [email protected]

Can I change gyms in the middle of the season?
An athlete has the right to leave a gym and go to another mid-season.The USASF, of course, prefers if they are leaving gym A to go to gym B - they have met all of their financial obligations to gym A. No official release is required.
If an athlete wants to leave gym A and cheer or dance at Worlds with gym B then a release is required.
The decision to sign or not sign sign the release form is left to the discretion of the gym A

How do I add/drop a gym in my athlete's profile?
Please login to your athlete's profile and click on "dashboard" under the my profile tab. If your athlete does not have a prgram listed please click the "find" link and you will be able to search your program by name and sent a request to be added. You will then show in your program's athlete list pending their approval. To drop a previous program please click the "drop" link which will remove the program and then click the "find" link to search your new program and request to add.

It says pending approval next to my athlete's program name. What do I need to do to become approved?
The gym owner must approve your request. Please let the gym owner know that you have requested to add to the program and are still pending their approval.

I no longer use the email address that is associated to my account as my username. How can I change my email username?
Please contact [email protected] And provide them with the current email as well as the email you would like it to be changed to.