The USASF Leadership Team is pleased to announce the athletes who participated in the BOLT and MARCH workshops and have been selected to present their success stories of the 2020 Healthy Kids Challenge:

Lauryn Heimke
Dancer's Edge Studio

Skylar Wechsler
The California All Stars

Ashleigh Johnson
ICE All-Stars - Indianapolis

Maria Evola
Dancer's Edge Studio

Marina Giammettei
USA Wildcats

Maria Tedesco
CheerMania All Stars

The Healthy Kids Challenge is a program created by Tufts University that teaches youth to create and lead projects in their program, school or community that encourage physical activity and healthy eating habits.

The newly selected Athlete Presenters will receive advanced leadership training and an invitation to present their projects during one of the Regional Advisory Board meetings to be held via video conference this summer.

In order to quality for this honor, athlete candidates must have met the following criteria:
1) Participation in the 2019 BOLT and MARCH Leadership Workshop
2) Lead a give-back project in their All Star program, school or community utilizing Healthy Kids Out of School curriculum
3) Submit their project, outcomes and letters of recommendation to the USASF Leadership Team for review

"Each year, the bar is raised by the athlete leaders who choose to participate in the Healthy Kids Challenge. Additionally, it is wonderful to see those athletes resubmit each year, as it speaks to their commitment to service. The 2020 HKOS Athlete Presenters are difference makers who I couldn't be more excited and humbled to be working with,"
- SW Regional Director, Kinshasa Garrett.

For information on Summer 2020 BOLT and MARCH Leadership dates and locations, email Karen Wilson, USASF Senior Regional Director, at [email protected].