The USASF welcomes organizations or companies who may not fit one of our other membership categories, but align with our mission and want to support industry initiatives, to join and be a part of the connected All Star Community.

Affiliate Member
For U.S. based companies that supply products and/or services to All Star customers. Companies in this category may choose to upgrade their membership to Corporate Sponsor or Official Partner by creating an event specific or year-round partnership with the USASF. Annual member fee starts at $1000.

Associate Member
For any individual, organization or company that does not fit into any of the other membership categories. An associate member must be a legal entity such as a company, corporation, sole proprietor, or independent contractor. Organizations or companies that have employees may add additional representatives to their profile after it has been approved and created. Annual membership fee for an Associate Member is $250. The membership fee for each additional representative is $50.