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Davis Park.JPG

Davis Park

320 South Wyman
Rockford, IL 61101

Davis Park

Davis Park at Founders Landing is situated on seven acres along the Rock River. This outdoor venue offers a unique location for outdoor concerts, festivals, and recreational events.

Founders Landing

Founders Landing is the area along Rock River's edge where Rockford's cultural and industrial heritage were founded and where Davis Park and other significant centers of community activity are located.

Early settlers crossed the river at a rocky ford which existed where the waters of the Rock River and Kent Creek come together as one powerful force along Founders Landing. Prominent settlers developed and nurtured Rockford's first industries there and for many years it was known as The Water Power District.

An important sculpture of founders Germanicus Kent, Lewis Lemon and Thatcher Blake stands with Davis Park to commemorate Rockford's birthplace and its industrial and cultural heritage.