To oversee and rule on all reports of noncompliance with the Professional Responsibility Code by program owners, coaches, athletes and all categories of Career membership. Rulings of this committee will be sent as recommendations to be reviewed and levied by the USASF Board of Directors.

Who is eligible to serve
The Connection Leaders, select Program Owners and Coaches from the USASF Regions and USASF Administrators.

Time Commitment
As needed to address reports of non-compliance.

Non Compliance Reporting
When an alleged compliance violation is filed by a USASF member against another USASF member, the information is sent to the Disciplinary Committee for review.

When a USASF official is aware or made aware of a possible violation of the terms of membership, all efforts are made to evaluate the validity of the information presented. When applicable, the disciplinary process commences and information is sent to the Disciplinary Committee.

The Committee uses the Professional Responsibility Code (PRC) as its guide to determine the level of infraction and potential penalty and/or fine to be recommended to the Board of Directors for review. The process includes a confidentiality clause which protects all parties, particularly minors (if involved), until a final ruling is made.

The PRC establishes written principles that guide the conduct of all USASF members in situations that have Professional ethical implications. The PRC is offered to confirm to all USASF members the intent and will of the USASF leadership to safeguard the best interests of All Star.

The PRC expects that USASF members conduct themselves professionally and responsibly at all times. These acts of Professional Responsibility are outlined for the purposes of maintaining the integrity and legitimacy of All Star, as well as safeguarding the children that participate.

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