What are Athletic Performance Standards and what do they mean for me?
Following a two-year discovery process of factors that inhibit the growth of our sport, we learned through research, surveys and Committee and Board discussions that image, representing a combination of makeup, hair and uniforms is contributing to the reasons why parents do not choose All Star as a sport for their child to enter, and reasons why parents choose for their child to leave All Star when they might otherwise stay.

During the same time period, the SafeSport Code was enacted into federal law, establishing mandates for all youth sports organizations regarding the prevention and reporting of child sexual abuse.

While the two issues are not directly connected, when the Board of Directors considered the importance and potential effect of each on our sport, they were compelled to establish athlete protection, and by extension protection of All Star, as renewed priorities for the organization.

Please watch this webinar recording to learn more, and to hear information learned directly from athletes regarding their concern for younger athletes, how All Star athletes are portrayed and social media and online risks that coaches and parents may not be fully aware of.